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Behold – The Qur’an

Introduction: Assalamualykum! We are delighted to invite you to a one-of-a-kind event, a first from Almiftaah Alhamdulillah. Prepare to embark on a captivating journey through the verses of the Quran, an evening of beautiful recitations that will immerse you in the divine words of Allah. Join us in Oldham, London, or Birmingham for an extraordinary experience that will deepen your connection with the Quran like never before.

A Visual and Audio Odyssey: At “Behold – The Qur’an,” we aim to create a multi-sensory experience that transports you into the heart of the Quran. Immerse yourself in the captivating recitations, accompanied by visuals that bring the verses to life. This unique blend of sight and sound will leave a lasting impression, igniting a renewed passion and connection with the divine words of Allah.

Exceptional Qaris from Around the World: We have curated a lineup of amazing Qaris, each with a distinct style and expertise, who have studied the Quran across the globe. From the UK to Egypt, Madina to Gambia, and New York to many other places, these gifted reciters will mesmerize you with their mastery of Tajweed and their heartfelt renditions. Their diverse backgrounds and recitation styles will ensure a captivating and soul-stirring experience for all attendees.

A Family Event: We encourage you to bring your entire family to this event, as it is a unique opportunity for all age groups to connect with the Quran. Witnessing the power of the Quranic recitations together will inspire and strengthen your family’s bond with the word of Allah. This event provides a nurturing environment for children to witness the beauty of the Quran and receive valuable tips for parents who aspire for their children to become Hafidh of the Qur’an.

Explore the Stalls: While immersing yourself in the spiritual atmosphere, take the opportunity to visit the stalls offering a variety of hot food, snacks, and sweets. Treat yourself and indulge in culinary delights that complement the joyous occasion, further enhancing your overall experience.

Meet the Reciters: We are honored to have esteemed reciters gracing our event, including Faisal Latif, Shabbir Hasan, Ilyas Al Badr, Yusuf Al Badr, Hussain Anwar, Ibrahim Al Gambi, Ahmed Al Qattani, and the Sunnah Guy. Each reciter brings a unique touch to their recitation, infusing it with passion and profound understanding of the Quran.

Behold – The Qur’an, Feel it like you have never felt it before!

Conclusion: “Behold – The Qur’an” is not just an event; it’s a transformative experience that aims to deepen your connection with the Quran. Join us in Oldham, London, or Birmingham for an evening of enchanting recitations that will transport you into the depths of the divine book. Bring your family and leave inspired, with a renewed.
commitment to the Quran’s teachings. Let the power of the Quran envelop your heart and soul, as you embark on a journey of revelation and inspiration.

Cities: Oldham, Birmingham & London

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